GDP: Gross Domestic Product

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Gross domestic product (GDP) measures the total market value of all final goods and services produced within the economy during a given time.

The output or income definition can be used to determine the GDP. Let’s go over the output and income of GDP.

The output of GDP is the combined value of all the goods & services that have been produced in an economy during a given period.

The income of GDP measures the total income earned by all households, companies, and the government within the economy over a given period. That can include wages, profits, interest, rent, and other forms of income.

The GDP provides a comprehensive assessment and illustration of a country’s economic activities. Policymakers, companies, enterprises, and investors carefully track the GDP as it aids in decision-making.

A simple way to think of GDP is that it measures the flow of output and income in the economy. GDP represents the broadest measure of the value of all economic activity within a country during a given period.

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