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A derivative is a financial product that derives its value from the value of another asset.

The most common type of derivative is the futures contract, which is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at a future date for a predetermined price.

Other derivatives include option contracts, which provide the holder the right but not the obligation to either buy or sell an asset at a later period, and swap contracts, which are agreements to exchange one asset for another at a later date.

There are two distinct forms of derivatives markets: exchange-traded and over-the-counter, or OTC.

The primary distinction between the two relates to the amount of regulation and the standardization of contracts.

Additionally, exchange-traded derivatives are more regulated and standardized. They are exchanged on structured exchanges.

In contrast, over-the-counter (OTC) markets are less regulated and less standardized because OTC markets are not traded on established exchanges.

Both sorts of marketplaces are significant in the derivatives market, as should be noted. Each has distinct benefits and downsides. Each financial institution's responsibility is to choose which sort of market best suits its requirements.

This article is more like an introduction to derivatives and financial products/instruments.

The usage of derivatives?

  • Hedging
  • Speculation
  • Arbitrage


In finance, speculation often refers to making a high-risk trade with the expectation of gaining a substantial profit.

That may be done with any asset type, although stocks, commodities, and currencies are most often connected with speculation.

Regarding derivatives, there are two distinct ways in which speculation might occur, first, by taking a position in the underlying asset; second, by establishing a position in the derivative itself.

When you take a position in the underlying asset, you are effectively betting that the asset’s value will rise so that you may sell at a higher price. Buy gold…

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