What are MOVE contracts?

They only reflect the absolute change of Bitcoin's price over a time before the contract expiration date. They have benefits and drawbacks which a player may weigh against his open futures positions.

Buying MOVE…

FTX HEDGE/USD tokens are ERC20 leveraged tokens similar to bull and bear tokens by FTX and Binance BLVT Up and Down tokens.

I wrote an article about FTX bull and bear tokens a while ago, which you can find here.

I have been attempting to understand HEDGEUSD tokens offered by…

Bitcoin futures trading has exploded in popularity in recent years. The excitement by using more than 50x leverage and being much cheaper than margin trading, and due to futures structure, they offer insanely high leverage, low fees, and potentially several magnitudes more profit, which has led to the explosion of…

Romano RNR

Futures trading

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